2017-03-31 – Still none the wiser.

Another 24 hours have passed and we’re still none the wiser as far as the filming of the Vice.com documentary about cannabis and Parkinson’s is concerned.  I waited until late morning before sending a slightly sarcastic email to my contact there, saying that I assumed we weren’t flying anywhere today (a fair assumption, given that it was gone 11am and the flight from Norwich was supposed to be shortly after 5pm).  I did receive an apologetic email telling me that the shoot was now scheduled for Sunday in Barcelona, and that we would fly out Saturday evening, and fly back on Sunday evening.  It’s now 7pm and I have heard nothing more, so I an assuming that nothing will happen this weekend now.  It’s a bit of a flipping nuisance really – my wife and I have both had our weekly schedules completely screwed up for no purpose.

I get on with editing my weekly vlog, upload it to my YouTube channel and publish it.

I spend the remainder of the afternoon trying (unsuccessfully) to find a supplier that can deliver a bath to me before next Thursday (I had ordered a bath for delivery on Monday, but the firm cancelled my order due to lack of stock).  I was expecting my bathroom taps to be delivered today, but there’s still no sign of them, so I send an email to the firm asking for confirmation that they have been dispatched to me – response awaited!

It’s not been a great day, all things considered.  My tremor (left leg) has been bothering me again – probably due to the stress of everything else that is going on (or, more accurately, not going on) at the moment.

My wife arrives home with some beer, which I open with alacrity – I will shortly be indulging in a little cannabis, also.

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