2016-07-25 – Making arrangements

We are up earlyish for a change – my wife and I are babysitting for our granddaughter today, and my wife has to be in Hevingham by 8.30am to collect her.  While she is out, I have a leisurely read of The Metro online, and drink my tea.  My tremor is fairly marked in my right arm, but I shall stick with Group ‘A’ settings for the time being because Group ‘B’ didn’t seem an awful lot better yesterday, and added some dyskinesia into the equation.

My wife returns with our granddaughter, who is happy and smiling, thank goodness.  We take her with us while we walk the dog, and then I disappear upstairs to make a couple of phone calls – one to Tony at Bank Boats to let him know that I have decided to take up the offer of a boat mooring at a neighbouring marina, and one to Joseph at the NHNN to try to arrange a re-programming appointment next Tuesday.  Contacting Tony is easy – job done.  Contacting Joseph at the NHNN is practically impossible.  I have his direct number, and two other numbers (the secretaries) to try.  The direct number rings and rings and then goes to answerphone, informing me that messages are not being picked up, and to please call the secretaries.  The first secretary is on annual leave, and her answerphone message informs me that messages are not being picked up, and to please call the other secretary.  The number for the other secretary rings and rings and then goes to answerphone.  I try the number repeatedly over the next half hour  or so, and then leave a message asking her to return my call.

Glass Bowl
Glass Bowl








We have a delivery this afternoon – the glass paperweights and bowls that we made at Langham Glass last week; how exciting!  They actually don’t look too amateurish considering that they were made by a couple of complete amateurs!

Glass Bowl
Glass Bowl

I’m completely wiped out by now, and am fighting hard to keep my eyes open – I suppose that being out and about yesterday has taken it out of me.  I close my eyes for a few minutes, but don’t fall asleep properly – I’ll only be wide awake later on if I have a sleep now.

I take the dog for her afternoon walk while my wife returns our granddaughter to Hevingham, and that wakes me up a little.  I have been noticing that I am getting some tremor in my head over the last couple of weeks – more so when I am tired.  I think this may be related to my most recent settings (Group ‘A’) which don’t give such good tremor control as the previous ones.  Something to consider at my next tune-up.  Talking of which, there has been no contact from the hospital, so I’ll call them again in the morning.

2 thoughts on “2016-07-25 – Making arrangements”

  1. Enjoy your blog very much. I had DBS surgery in January this year. Question: how do you make your green smoothie?

    1. Hi Carol

      Thanks for your comment. Hope your DBS is working well for you! I use a Nutribullet, and my smoothie consists of spinach, kale, apple, orange, banana, kiwi, pineapple (or other fruit, as available), walnuts, brazil nuts and milk kefir. I have a video showing the process – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g-PWhTyF3i8&t=6s



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